Why primary science?

Research tells us that a child can decide that science is not for them before they leave primary school.

This presents a huge concern, because whether a child chooses a career in science or not, they still require a level of scientific literacy to make informed and responsible decisions about their personal health and well-being, and the important wider issues for society. Furthermore, the future of the UK economy depends on a continuous pipeline of skilled scientists entering the workforce.

A good primary teacher nurtures a child’s innate curiosity about the world around them which is crucial for the development of scientific skills, understanding and positive attitudes to science. This is no easy task and teachers need continued support. 

Our International conference, devoted specifically to primary science, is a powerful way for PSTT to reach out and support many more primary educators. 

Alastair MacGregor, CEO of SSERC, and Jane Turner, Director of PSQM, outline the importance of including science in the primary school curriculum.