The Call for Proposals is now OPEN

We invite the submission of programme proposals from teachers and academics for one or more of the following:

1) Practical workshops

2) Interactive talks

3) Reflective seminars

Please download the Call for Proposals Guidance Document here and read carefully before submitting your proposal.

To submit a proposal, please download the relevant application form below. You will need to upload your completed application using the form at the bottom of this page. Please note that you are welcome to submit more than one proposal, but for each proposal you will need to complete and upload a separate form. 
Deadline for proposals: 14th September 2018.


Click below for more information and to download the application form.

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Duration: One hour

Number of delegates attending: up to 30

The practical workshops will be for sharing practical strategies and solutions for making an impact in the classroom. They must be interactive and include hands-on activities to encourage maximum participation. Delegates should be able to take away ideas that they can put to use in their own classrooms and share with colleagues in their schools and networks.



Click below for more information and to download an application form.

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Duration: One hour

Number of delegates attending: up to 150

Proposals for interactive talks will ideally be related to one or more of the conference themes listed below. It is expected that the talks will present a mixture of practical and theoretical perspectives and be relevant and applicable to classroom practice.



Click below for more information and to download an application form.

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Duration: one hour and fifteen minutes

Number of delegates attending: up to 60

The reflective seminars will each focus on one particular theme in primary science. They will consist of three short talks followed by an open discussion. Each seminar will include three 10 – 15 minute talks delivered by:

1. An academic in the field who will share recent and relevant research and consider its application to practice, AND
2. A classroom teacher who will share their practitioner knowledge and expertise, AND
3. A second academic OR a second classroom teacher OR another professional with relevant experience to share, e.g. consultant, advisory teacher, masters or doctoral student, initial teacher educator, colleague from industry etc.

The theoretical and practical perspectives presented will be followed by an open question and answer session and discussion chaired by an expert in the field.

Seminar proposals can be submitted for:

1) A whole seminar. The proposal should be submitted as a collaboration between an academic and a practitioner and one other (see above). It should include an overview of 200 words, plus a synopsis of a maximum of 150 words for each of the three 10 – 15 minute talks for the seminar. The proposed talks must include one from an academic, one from a practising teacher and one other (see above).

2) An individual talk to form part of a seminar. The proposal can be made by an academic, or a practitioner, or other (as outlined above) and should include a synopsis of 150 words to outline the content of the talk. Accepted proposals for individual talks will be grouped by the programme organisers to make up a seminar.



Please ensure you have edited the file name of your application form to include your initials and surname, i.e. PSEC_Workshop_Application_JBLOGGS

If you have any queries about an application you have submitted, please contact us on