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As a presenter you can also edit your profile and your session synopsis, add your intended audience, and view who has signed up to come to your session.


All session rooms at the EICC will have a computer, a screen and a projector. We ask that you bring your presentation with you on a memory stick and on arrival at the EICC please let the staff on the registration desk know that you are a presenter. You will then be shown to the Speaker Preview area where the technician will install your presentation and you can check it is as you want it. The technician will then send your presentation to the room where you are presenting at the time of your session.

Please note that if you take your presentation to your session on your own laptop or on a memory stick instead of using the EICC speaker preview system, we cannot guarantee any technical support for you should anything not work as you had anticipated.


Please note that you are responsible for all the equipment that you bring with you and the health and safety of delegates with regards to this. Please also note that there is no pre-storage at EICC and no equipment or resources can be sent ahead of time.

Click here for further details about speaker preview and presentation guidelines.

Opportunities to contribute to post conference special issues of Primary Science and the Journal of Emergent Science

All presenters are encouraged to consider writing for these post conference special issues.

Post conference submissions of papers to the special conference issue of the Journal of Emergent Science
The closing date for submission of papers is 1st September 2019.
Papers should be sent to Sarah Earle -
Word count: 2500

Post conference submissions of articles to the special conference issue of Primary Science
The closing date for submission of papers is 1st September 2019.
Articles should be sent to Kate Redhead –
Word count: 2000

For further details please click on the guidance notes below.

Writing for PSEC special issue journals - Guidance notes