The programme for PSEC 2019 is now live on Sched
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Delegates to PSEC will receive an email with login details for Sched so that they can sign in and start booking onto the sessions
For further information about the programme sessions please see below

Options for each session are colour coded:

Green = interactive talks:
thought-provoking, illustrative and grounded in theory – ideas presented will be relevant and applicable to classroom practice, with time for questions and discussion.

Blue = practical workshops:
hands-on activities, practical strategies and solutions for making an impact in the classroom - plenty of ideas to take away and to share with colleagues back at school.

Pink = reflective seminars:
three short talks giving theoretical and practical perspectives on a particular aspect of science education, followed by questions and an open discussion.

We recommend that you choose a balance of different sessions so that you enjoy a varied programme.
Based on delegate feedback from our Belfast conference, we suggest that to get the best experience from PSEC, you select four workshops, one or two interactive talks, and one or two reflective seminars.

Things to note:

  • You will only be able to select one option for each session and this will guarantee you a place in this session. If you select an option for a particular session and then later want to change to a different option for the same session, you can deselect your original choice and then you will be able to select a new one.

  • Please note that we will be operating a sign-in system for sessions which have limited numbers.
    If you have not booked a session but hope to attend, you are welcome to come to the start of the session and wait to see if all those who booked it do turn up; if they do, you will be asked to choose a different session. Please note that we are using this system to ensure that all delegates who have booked a particular session are able to attend it, and also to comply with the health and safety arrangements at the venue as there are restrictions on maximum numbers allowed in some of the session rooms.
  • If you select a session that is already full, you will get a pop-up message saying that you have been added to the waiting list. You can either remain on the waiting list and you will be notified if a space becomes available, or you can unclick this choice and make a different selection which will then mean you are no longer on the waiting list for your original choice. Alternatively, you can keep checking to see if more places for the session have been released as where we can, we will move popular sessions to bigger rooms to accommodate more people. However, please note that some presenters have specified a maximum number of delegates for their session and we need to respect this.

  • You will be able to add or change your session choices on Sched until 10.00 on Thursday 6th June. After 10.00 and until the end of the conference day at 18.30, if you want to make any changes to your chosen programme, please ask at the registration desk in the conference centre and we will be pleased to help with this.
    The same will apply for Friday 7th June between 08.30 and 18.30 and for Saturday 8th June between 08.30 and 13.00.
    To avoid any disappointment we strongly recommend that you sign up for the sessions you want to attend well in advance of the conference.

Our practical pick and mix sessions are a lunchtime bonus in the exhibition hall

They will offer a selection of excellent suggestions and resources for delivering exciting practical science lessons.
Although you can sign up for these in Sched, you do not actually need to as they are drop-in events. Everyone is welcome to come and find out more over lunch.

The PSTT Children’s Conference at PSEC will be in the Strathblane hall on Friday 7th June

Groups of children from approx. 25 primary schools will be presenting their science projects based on a climate change issue local to them.
Delegates can come and talk to the children about their work at any time over lunchtime. This is also an option for the session at 1.30.

Your delegate ticket includes an opportunity to attend a post-conference follow-up CPD day* delivered by PSTT in your region

If you would like to be included in this, you must register your name, contact e-mail, school name, region and postcode to enable us to let you know the date and venue of your nearest CPD day event. To sign up for this you will need to go to the PSTT stand in the exhibition hall.

*terms and conditions apply