On Friday 7th June, 2019, The PSTT Children's Conference at PSEC welcomed up to 30 schools from across the UK to share their climate change based projects.

We are encouraging ALL primary schools to apply for a FREE Teachers’ Project Pack and carry out a project – it is open to all and not just those schools bringing their children to PSEC. The Project Pack includes lots of tips and suggestions to get you started, and you'll receive support throughout your project direct from the team at PSTT. Once you've got your project up and running, you could consider applying to present it at PSEC next year; details of how to apply will be coming soon.

Carrying out a project will help raise your children’s awareness of climate change and encourage them to generate ideas to address the various climate change issues that we face. The children can explore issues that are global, regional or local to their school.

Please click here to download your FREE copy of the pack.

The PSTT Children’s Conference at PSEC